Our Custom Wedding Seating Chart.

Every wedding is special and unique. Let me help you with your special day!

Start off with the right Unique Custom Wedding Invitations. And use that theme throughout your entire event!

Fall Wedding Custom Invitation Set
Fall Wedding Custom Invitation Set

Custom Invitation Kit

First Impressions

The details of the wedding were a big importance to me. And an even bigger importance was making sure all of our guests were comfortable.

Have you ever walked into a wedding venue, picked up your place card and then proceeded to walk around the entire room looking for your table? Only to find it last with irritation building, when all you want to do is set your stuff down, and go to the bar to get a free cocktail.

Harry Potter Place Cards.
Unique Wedding Place Cards.

Well I tried to avoid that situation for our wedding guests by creating a large Unique Themed Marauders Map Seating Chart that sat right behind the place cards at the door. People could find out what table they were sitting at and look at the seating chart to see exactly where that particular table was located in the venue.

All About The Details

Harry Potter Wedding Marauders Map Seating Chart
Unique Wedding Seating Chart

As soon as the guests walked through the door, a wave of Harry Potter music filled their ears and the large Marauders Map in front of them to see, It was a great way for the guests to start to get into the Harry Potter spirit.

I wanted something that would mimic what the map in the movies showed. The layout of the room and important features of the area. The Seating Chart led the way to the dance floor, the Bar, and the Rooms of Requirement (i.e. the restrooms).

The theme didn’t stop at theSeating Chart either. It guided them to their Harry Potter Table Names. I chose places that showed up in the Harry Potter Books and Movies. From The Three Broomsticks to The Ministry of Magic, each table had its own unique name.

The Perfect Wedding Seating Chart For You

Want your own seating chart made custom to your wedding?

Fall Seating Plan Poster
Fall Wedding Seating Plan Poster

You have your own ideas of what you want your wedding to be like. You have your own theme, color palette, and pretty finishes you want to make your day super special.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, Contact me and together we can create something amazing!

Fall Wedding Place Cards
Fall Wedding Place Cards

To Keep your Theme alive through your whole venue, I can help you create all the details for your wedding from the place cards to the table numbers!

Fall Wedding Table Numbers
Fall Wedding Table Numbers

A Seating Chart is also a great keepsake. Have it made for yourself or for a friend as a gift. It would be very pretty framed and hung on a wall next to your wedding photos.

Pick Your Theme And Make Your Dream Wedding Come True!

Want Some Help Creating Your Own Unique Seating Chart? Let me help!

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