What Is Your Unique Wedding Theme?

Maybe yours is your favorite season or holiday. Maybe it is to mimic a favorite vacation or location. Either way, it is your special day and you deserve to have your wedding decor made custom for you. Ours happened to be from our favorite movie/book series.

Custom Invitation Kit

A Special Program For a Special Event.

We love Harry Potter. We also loved getting married.

Getting married is so much fun! You get dressed up and party with friends and family you love dearly. Chances are that not EVERYONE attending your wedding knows all the fun facts and details of you and your spouse to be. So why not make it extraordinary with a personal touch of a wedding program!

Not JUST a traditional wedding program that lists the event details..  and they go into the garbage afterward.

Something that your guests and you will enjoy keeping! Something that is fun, gives more detail then just the time that dinner is served, and allows your guests and vendors feel more involved in the experience!

Que up..  A Harry Potter The Daily Prophet!

Harry Potter Wedding Program – The Daily Prophet. Photo By Ashleigh Saylor Photography

The Daily Prophet printable template can be as detailed and witty as you would like it to be! It can be a bridge between families and help everyone get a chance to know each other a little better even quicker. You can add pictures and games. Fun facts and details of the wedding!

I looked for something that I could fully customize for our wedding in the Harry Potter theme, (because, why not!) And came up disappointed.

So I made my own Harry Potter decor. From The Daily Prophet printable template to a custom Marauders Map Seating Chart that helped people to their seats. And instead of numbering tables, I used Harry Potter Table Names, using places from the books and movies. Our guests LOVED the details!! People are still talking about our wedding and how unique it was.

Our Unique Wedding Seating Chart.

As soon as the  guests arrived at the wedding venue they were greeted with the songs of the Harry Potter movie soundtracks and a table with the programs. I can imagine the surprise faces as they grabbed a piece of paper that they expected to only have a list of wedding events on them.

Our Unique Themed Wedding Programs. 

The Harry Potter Daily Prophet not only had a description of the wedding but a detailed description of the reception as well. A two page program that introduced the wedding party. It highlighted all of the vendors and people who helped make the wedding possible. And had a crossword puzzle with facts about us, the bride and groom. At the very bottom on the back side, we made sure to thank everyone for coming, especially our parents.

What Is Your Unique Wedding Theme?

Do you have a special theme in mind but are not sure how to pull it all together? Let me help!

Have fun with it! This is something you and all of your guests will remember forever! And everyone gets an extra special magical treasure that no one else can offer them.

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