What’s Your Theme?

Let’s Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True!

What is your Theme?

Sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what you want for your wedding. Let me help you create all the pieces to match what you truly desire for your special day.

Starting with your uniquely themed Invitation set.

Winter Wedding Theme Invitation Set
Winter Wedding Theme Invitation Set

Take your theme with you from start to finish.

Winter Wedding Theme Table Numbers
Winter Wedding Theme Table Numbers

I can help you create a unique wedding Invitation Set, Table numbers, Place Cards, and Seating Chart all to match your desired theme and color palette!

Our Wedding Theme Table Numbers

When you are putting together a Harry Potter themed Wedding, you can’t just number your tables with numeric values. You have to get creative. But I didn’t just want to name tables by Hogwarts Houses, which is a super cool idea if your are doing long continuous tables.

Since my tables were small and round, seating only 8 to 12 people, I decided to name them them after Places in Harry Potter!

My Harry Potter Wedding Table Names ranged from The Three Broomsticks to The Ministry of Magic. And the guests LOVED it. They kept calling their table by its Place Name.   It’s an extra detail that they get to think about when they recall the wedding!

The Beginning of a Magical Evening.

From the time that the guests stepped through the venue door, They were greeted with the theme songs from the movies.

Beside the door was a table full of place cards. Each had a symbol of their meal of choice and where they would be sitting.

Right behind the place card table was a large Seating Chart where they could see their corresponding Table Name. It showed the guests where in the room their table was located. It also contained the locations of the dance floor, bar, and ‘rooms of requirement’ (ie. the restrooms.)

When they got to their table it was beautifully decorated with white linens and candles. And they saw the table name with a red backdrop.

As a favor for each guest, there were Key shaped bottle openers that everyone still enjoys using to this day. The Keys made it feel like you were holding a piece of the first book, ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.’

Key Shaped bottle opener Favors were placed at each table setting.

A Unique Twist On Table Numbers.

For the table name sign backgrounds, any color would compliment each of these table names very well. You could do all of the Hogwarts house colors or an individual color as the background of the Table Names for your perfect wedding.

I love the color red. So that was the main color for our Harry Potter Wedding. I chose to use this color for the background of each of the table names. It was a nice cohesive feel for the space.

Photo of Harry Potter Wedding Table Names ByAshleigh Saylor Photography.

I laminated each table name too. I wanted to be able to save them and put them in the wedding album after the wedding was over. The lamination kept them from being damaged by any of the staff and guests.

It was a wonderful evening and the details helped transform the wedding into a magical  Harry Potter night.

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Don’t Forget The Matching Place Cards!

Winter Wedding Themed Place Cards
Winter Wedding Themed Place Cards

Want Some Custom Table Numbers and Place Cards? Let Me Help!

Custom Invitation Kit

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