Life gets busy and hectic. Which sometime leads to grabbing the closest thing on the shelf at a convince store or that bakery goodie in the office break room.

This can lead to a lot of extra empty calories. Tastes good in the moment, but just leaves you hungry.

If you find yourself in the revolving door of grabbing the closest thing to you. Give meal prep a try, so then you are grabbing a filling, quick meal that adds all kinds of nutritional value to your diet.

An adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you can consistently eat throughout the day, the better you will feel and the more efficient your body will work.

You will have more energy throughout the day, and feel capable of completing your to-do list.

You may feel like meal prep takes up a ton of time, that it’s a lot of work, or maybe expensive. But just like any nutrition plan or exercise plan – you can tailor meal prep to fit you and your lifestyle.

Tips For Easy Meal Prep

  • Pick the healthy foods you love!
  • Make sure you are willing to eat these foods multiple times throughout the week.
  • Use fun containers that excite you. These Rubbermaid ones are my FAV!
  • Plan ahead. Schedule a time that you can do at least a little bit to get you started.

Meal Prep Plan

As an example, I put together everything you need to do a super simple 5 day lunch and dinner meal prep! In it you will find:

  • Shopping List – with amounts and prices of each item.
  • Instructions on cooking the food for an efficient and quick process
  • Daily guide of what and when to eat throughout the week
  • The Macros! Calories, Protein, Carbs, and fat amounts of each meal

Download the Meal Prep Plan!

Use this as a guide to your own meal prep adventures.

You can switch the chicken out for a white fish.

Switch the ground turkey for a LEAN ground beef.

Have russet potatoes on hand, use them instead of the sweet potatoes.

Change out the seasoning to fit your preferences.

The macros will change with any variations you make, though you can use the My Fitness Pal app to find the new macros for your meal.

Have fun meal prepping!

Download the Meal Prep Plan!