I am a big fan of a high protein diet.
It started when I was pregnant and my midwife told me to start eating more protein. Protein was good for the baby, for my growing body, and to help the elasticity of my skin to help keep stretch marks minimal.

I ate a high protein diet and gave birth to an incredibly healthy baby boy. I continued the high protein diet for me and my family ever since.

Then there was a period of time that my toddler became a toddler and would not eat anything other than bread and ranch. Or bread and ketchup. Or bread and mayo.

This did not sit very well with me. He wasn’t eating anywhere near a balanced diet. And he’s a toddler, with the same temper and patients of any other toddler. So as you may know, the crying, yelling, stomping was part of trying to get this kid to eat a healthy diet.

I tried hiding veggies in muffins. He knew.

I tried masking avocado in chocolate. It didn’t work.

I tried turning fruit into frozen goodies. Suddenly he detested popsicles.

Bread and ranch. Period.
I knew that this was going to just be a phase of his youth that I just needed to grin and bear through.

Until I got the idea that I could maybe (MAYBE) I could add some more protein to his diet.


Collagen is a good source of protein. Helping to support the building and growing of muscles, bones, skin, all the things that a growing toddler goes through daily.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Collagen also comes in an unflavored powder that I could easily mix in with other liquids to get the protein boost without anyone knowing it was there.

And it worked!

I added collagen to the ranch bottle, ketchup and mayo. Giving all these sauces an extra protein boost without my kid knowing it!

He never knew! His healthy food detection senses never picked it up. Or at least he didn’t show that he cared.

I started adding collagen to other meals too. Adding it to soups that I knew he would only have the broth. Adding it into a mac and cheese sauce. Adding it to other drinks that he loved like apple cider and orange juice.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

He wouldn’t get much collagen from one thing or another but the little bit he did get through each item throughout the day added up, giving him plenty of protein by the end of the day to support all of the growing his body does on a daily basis.

Collagen also helped me too. Adding extra collagen protein to my meals I felt like I was recovering from workouts better, my skin looked incredible, and I just felt better.

More On Collagen

Check out this article from Healthista for more information on Collagen.

Healthista’s article called Could the new collagen diet help you lose weight and get glowing skin? Dives into:

  • What collagen actually is
  • How collagen affects your skin
  • 3 ways to increase collagen production
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Give that article a read. Lots of good information about collagen there.

Then decide how and if you should add collagen to your daily routine.
You could add it to your meals. Maybe in your morning coffee. Or in your water bottle that you sip on throughout the day.
Because who doesn’t love some extra glow to their skin?