It was a beautiful day! Exercising outside in gorgeous weather always seems a bit easier. And more fun.

Total Body Workout

I wanted to do some sort of running interval but I also wanted to move around some weight too. My med ball has been yelling at me to use it, so running and wall balls was a sure thing. Then I considered what I haven’t done recently. Using dumbbells was atop the list. Since I was hitting a lot of the major muscle groups between running and wall balls I thought I should just continue that theme and really smoke my entire body.

A movement I have been working on a lot with a barbell is deadlifts. So I thought I would change it up with the dumbbells a bit. It is a much different stimulus. Working with two dumbbells instead of a barbell means that you are using more stabilizer muscles so you don’t topple over one direction or another. Your hands are working separately, gripping each dumbbell individually. And for me, I am able to stay more upright, without rounding my back because the dumbbells come down to my sides instead of in front of me.

REP Med Ball and Hex Dumbbells

Then I decided to round out the movements with some power. Dumbbell alternating Clean and Jerks. A chance to work each arm overhead individually after using both to throw the medicine ball. This movement also works all the muscle groups I have already hit in each of the other movements. Using power and control through my hamstrings and glutes to pull the dumbbell from the ground, the power in my hips to explode it up, and my arms and shoulders to press and stabilize it over my head to a locked out position.

I figured this would be a good Total body workout.

I wanted to keep this workout around the 15 minute mark. It doesn’t take much time, each day to pump up those endorphins and get fit. What it does take is intensity and consistency each day. So I kept the reps at mid range and knew from previous workouts that I could do about four rounds within that time frame.

The Warm Up

After finalizing my plan. I had to bring my equipment up from the basement to the garage. I grabbed my REP Med Ball and dumbbells. Moved my car out of the garage. Marked the 9 foot line on the wall with painters tape. And then set up my Gym Clock in a spot that I could see it very well.

I love this clock. Using the remote it comes with, I can set it to count down. It has interval settings. A TABATA setting. And for this purpose, to count up.

Using a Gym Clock to Time My Workout

I warmed up with some dynamic stretches. Arm, ankle, knee, and hip circles. Some lunges. A couple of minutes of Jump rope to get my heart rate and body temperature up. Which is always a good time to practice some double unders that I have yet to master. Then I walked myself through the motions of each movements. I did a few wall balls, a couple deadlifts, and some clean and jerks so I could gauge if I was warmed up well. Want to see my basic warm up? Go to THIS article.

After a couple breaths, I set the Gym Clock and 3..2..1..GO!

The Workout

4 Rounds For Time:
200m Run
15 Wall Balls: 14 lb Med Ball to 9 Foot
12 DB Deadlifts: I used two 30 lb dumbbells
9 DB Alternating Clean and Jerks: One of the 30 lb DB



I finished up all four rounds in 13:20
Not blazing speed by any means but I got a really good sweat in. Did I mention it was 86 degrees?


Great Workout! I was so out of breath at the end.

My 200m runs stayed pretty consistent, about 1 minute and a few seconds a piece. I learned that my turn arounds are really slow, so its something to work on this summer.

The wall balls though.. really took my breath away. It was SO GOOD! I had to keep breaking up the 15 wall balls into 2 or 3 sets each round.

I felt like I was able to recover a bit during the deadlifts, I could go up in weight next time.

And the clean and jerks.. well they did just what I thought. Being fatigued from the previous movements, I fumbled a couple times and couldn’t lock out my left arm once so I had to repeat that rep, remembering to really power through my hips to get it up there. This is a movement that I know that I need to do more of, more often. Especially with my weaker left arm.


If you want to do this workout, I totally recommend it.

Make sure you use a weight that is safe for you, especially if you are new to overhead presses.

If you don’t have a Med Ball or the room to throw it 9 feet, you can easily substitute thrusters. It is not exactly the same, but close enough to the same type of movement – going below parallel in your squat and then driving weight up over your head.

You could also use kettlebells instead of dumbbells.

Mark out 100m away from your workout space, so running out and back in will get you to your 200m.

Keep your back flat and core tight throughout all of the movements.

Let me know in the comments what your times are!

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