As new parents, you submerge yourself in all issues diaper related. In the early days of parenthood, you end up talking with your spouse about color, texture, amount, and frequency of your newborns excretions. This will happen even over dinner, without a second thought. It just becomes a natural topic to talk about.

You will get really good at knowing what to expect and when. You will change hundreds or thousands of diapers.

This will continue on throughout the months and years. Then you will hit a point where that said baby becomes capable and is time to be potty trained.

For some parents and kids it comes easy. In our case, not so much.

We are four days deep, and our son is just so stubborn that he has held ‘it’ for up to 7 hours. Until bedtime, when we put a diaper back on him for the night. He legit cheers when we pull the diaper out of the drawer.

He knows what to do. How to do it. Where to go. But it is just so much easier, in his little mind, to just have a diaper on.

We bought him all the ‘cool’ things.

The Disneys Cars, Lighting McQueen Step Stool. It has a button and the stool lights up when pressed. The light goes off by itself after a couple minutes. I love that feature so I know I don’t have to worry about shutting it off myself.

The Paw Patrol Kid seat for the big toilet. It’s blue with pictures of all the characters, has handles, and it way more comfy then the adult seat. It also comes with its own hanger, so when he’s not using it you can keep it out of the way for yourself.

His own, Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty, that looks pretty comfortable. Its the perfect size and shape for him. Even has a higher back that he can lean up against. And he does. Leans back with his iPad in hand like he is sitting on the couch.

We have tried bribes. Doesn’t work.

I made cookies and  he only gets one when he sits on his little potty. That gets him to sit, but he doesn’t relieve himself.

He just holds it.

Becoming Desperate.

So we went to the grocery store. Grabbed multiple bottles of juice. Crackers. Chips. Popcorn. And gave him a cup and bowl of all of it. Hoping that all of the liquids will be just a little too much to hold that long.

We don’t keep many snacks in the house. He doesn’t know what snacks are really, other then peanut butter between Ritz Crackers and Goldfish. We like to eat clean and avoid temptation to eat bad when possible, so we just don’t have it in the house.

So on top of waiting for him to have an accident or go in the potty. I have to really work on summoning the will power to not eat all of his snacks with him. What I call “Mom Snacks” read that article here.

This is going to FEEL like a really long process.

He will eventually get it. I know this. Not many kids go to school in diapers. It will click one day and diapers will finally be gross to him.

He will finally be wiping his own butt.

And that time period where you and your spouse talk about your kids bowel functions will be a distant memory and you will find something else to talk about over dinner.

So if you are in the same boat, Welcome Aboard! Know that you are in good company.

Steps for Successful Potty Training:

Try to Make it as easy for him and you as possible!

  1. Gather the things you think your kid will really enjoy. The little potty. The fun toilet seat. The Light Up Step Stool.
  2. Get big boy underwear, thats really cool! Dump trucks and planes work well here. Put them on him and get him to sit on the potty as often as you feel will work for your child.
  3. It’s only a short while, so give him all his favorite snacks and juice and just let him go to town. Chances are he will run off all those extra calories anyway. Go back to eating healthy after training is over.
  4. Cheer! Praise! Make a big deal over him actually going in the potty! Celebrate! Especially because that is one less time that you have to use a diaper.
  5. The Most Important Part – Have Patients and Persistence. It will work. He will get there!

A Little Something For yourself..

And if you are like me and cave on all those snacks hanging around your house and need to burn off some extra calories, read this article  or this one for a great At Home Workout. It will spike your heart rate and get you sweating in no time!