Yoga is beneficial in getting to learn your body a little better. 

Learning how to breathe better. Which is weird to say but it’s true.

I started doing yoga a few years ago. Watching a YouTube channel called Yoga With Adreine.

Originally I started following the videos on a towel in my living room. And after some time, I bought a basic yoga mat when I realized I was making this a habit. I was doing yoga on my rest days from weight training.

Wanting to learn more I bought a couple books. The first one called ‘The Yoga Bible’ By Christina Brown, gives detailed descriptions of over 170 yoga poses and postures while giving you ways to make those positions easier if they are too difficult. It is a really good book if you are interested in learning more.

The second book I bought was ‘Yoga Anatomy’ By Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews. This book literally digs into what a yoga position does to and for your body. It goes through the skeletal and muscular actions of each pose in the book while talking about the breathing aspects of each. It shows you pictures of what muscle groups are being worked. It is a great book if you are looking for a much deeper understanding of how yoga works for your body.

After following Yoga With Adreine and teaching myself through reading the previously mentioned books, I started to create my own yoga flows for myself. It is kinda like learning how to dance, for a while you have to watch and follow someones lead, but after awhile it becomes second nature and you are able to dance for yourself, by yourself.

I created a yoga sequence that I feel really helps me cool down, re-center, and helps me to work on my flexibility. This is actually very calming to me, especially after an intense workout.

Just as there are many ways to warm up for exercise, there are many ways to cool down.

It could be as simple as going for a walk, riding a stationary bike, and stretching.

Something to help your heart rate come back down after an intense session and get your blood flowing throughout your body to help in repairing and growing those muscles.  

I use this yoga cool down sequence after a lot of my workouts. But it is truly helpful after a heavy or high volume leg day. 

The flexibility in my legs still need a lot of work and this pushes my limits. Which is what I need it to do to become better.

The sequence is as follows.. (The video has been sped up for time purposes)

Forward Fold
Up Dog
Down Dog
Three Legged Dog
Knee to Chest
Deep Lunge
Quad Stretch
Runners Stretch
Folded Pigeon
Pigeon with Quad Stretch
Back to Deep Lunge
Step back to Plank and repeating from there on opposite side.
Finishing with down dog, jumping feet toward hands and coming into a forward fold before standing up to mountain pose.

Hold each pose for about 10 seconds or longer if it feels good or you need to loosen some extra tight muscles. Don’t force yourself into the positions. Go as deep as your body will allow and breathe. While you are holding in each position, concentrate on taking deep breaths and visualize your breath going to and filling up those areas that are being worked.

Give this Post Workout Yoga Cool Down Sequence a try after your next workout and let me know how it goes!

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Do Something Home Workout Program and Nutritional Guidelines
Do Something Home Workout Program and Nutritional Guidelines