Its that time of year where most reflect on the past year and make goals for the new one.  Goals that are hopefully obtainable but that some end up giving up on.

As with anything in life there are peaks and valleys. One day you love your job, the next you hate it, and then eventually you love it again. Or one day your toddler is a perfect sweet little angel and the next he’s hitting and throwing everything, being a terrible little devil.

It goes the same with any new years resolutions you may have made. It’s easy and motivating to keep on the path to reaching those goals when you are on your way up or at a peak. And its hard to keep on that path once you hit a valley.

But you have to know there WILL be valleys, there WILL be days that are super hard, there WILL be days that you want to give up. Make a resolution Not to give up, not to be defeated, and except the valley as a challenge to make you better in the end.

There have been days, weeks even, in my fitness journey that I wanted to give up. That I thought what I was doing wasn’t working or it wasn’t for me. But once I sat down and was truly honest with myself I came to realize that is was I just wasn’t doing what I should be. Was I eating clean? Was I giving 120% of effort and intensity in my workouts? Was I taking adequate time to rest and recover? Usually when I hit a valley the answer to  one or all of those questions was usually no.

So then its time to readjust, pull up my big girl panties, and move forward.

In the short term you may not see progress. You may take one step forward and two steps back. Nothing is ever linear, especially in a small amount of time. But when you pull back, look at the big picture, all the peaks and valleys look small and inconsequential comparatively. Over the year it does become linear. You do get closer to your goal. Hell you may even make it to your goal with time to spare.

Just don’t give up too soon. Don’t give up because you had a bad day or week.  If its really important to you keep pushing forward until your satisfied. Time will move forward anyway. Make it count and Do Something to make your time better.