When something has you down or unmotivated, that’s when you need to move the most. Never surrender to yucky negativity.

Get your headphones, put on your sneakers and run, or lift. Put on your stretchy clothes and lay out your yoga mat. Whatever it is, do something. The endorphins will take care of the rest.

Who’s ready for some hot sunshine and vitamin D?

I Just finished one of the best runs on the treadmill! AND then did 150 wall balls with a 14 pound Med Ball, just because it felt good! Cha-Ching! Moving really does the body and mental clarity good.

One of my favorite bands is Skillet! Their songs really get me moving an motivated. It is amazing what music can do for your soul.

Sometimes all I need to do to get motivated to workout is just to go through my warm up routine. By the time I am done with it, my head is in the right space and my body is warmed up and ready to go! Want to try it for yourself? Read about it here.

Get out there and start moving! You will not regret it!

Get Moving



Shoes are Under Armour
Med Ball used for Wallballs
Yoga Mat