How Do You Stay Motivated To Workout At Home (Or At The Gym!)

I hear a lot of the time people asking how I stay motivated to workout. How I do it at home so consistently. Some people even say they wouldn’t be able to keep the motivation to workout at home because they can barely summon the motivation to go to a group class workout – when there is peer pressure to show up.

It is not easy to find the motivation every day. Some days I have no motivation to workout. But I have created the environment for myself that makes it easy to just put my shoes on and move.

To help all those with the same questions or looking to refine their motivation techniques, I put together the top things that help me stay motivated. This is part 3 of 3.

How To Stay Motivated To Workout Part 3: GIVE Yourself A Goal

How To Stay Motivated To Workout At Home GIVE Yourself A Goal

Going to the gym. Working out at home. Going for a walk after dinner. Just moving in general, is a great way to get and keep fit.

Sometimes that gets boring. And boring leads to a lack of motivation.

If you have no drive or purpose as to why you are working out that can cause a rut in your motivation and lead you to find something else to do instead of exercising.

We are creatures of dopamine chasers and if something isn’t exciting enough we just are not going to continue to do that thing. It is nature.

What I do, to help starve boredom, is to GIVE myself a goal.

A goal that I will concentrate on doing better at, giving myself something at the end.

It is a positive mindset goal.

Working up to doing 10 unbroken Strict Pull ups. Increasing the amount of time I hold a plank. Building endurance to run 20 minutes straight.

Positive thoughts. A Positive goal. Adding to your foundation or skills in the gym.

The opposite of that would be a goal that you would need to concentrate on ‘taking something away.’

A negative mindset goal. Always focused on taking something away from yourself. The biggest negative goal being losing weight. To lose weight you need to concentrate on not eating (the foods you want), not going out with your friends (no adult beverages for you), etc.

 So I concentrate on the happy, the positive. The something I need to work at every day to GIVE more to myself.

I start by writing it down. Something I really want. In detail. And look at it every day.

I give myself a time frame. That way I want to workout, now. I want to get to my goal, now.

The trick is to pick one goal at a time. 

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”

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I pick my goal. And work on it a little bit every day.

There was a time I wanted to get better at push ups. I could MAYBE do three ‘snake like’ push ups in a row before needing to lay down or go to my knees.

I set my goal to be able to do 10 perfect push ups in a month.

(Need Help Setting A Goal? Read This Article On How To do That!)

When I started I would do 1-3 good push ups, then finish out the 10 reps the best I could, every day.

After about a week the 1-3 started growing to 5-7.

Then I added in extra sessions. I would try to do 10 push ups in the morning and then again in the late afternoon.

Adding the extra session made me extra sore. But I could tell it was working. I was doing 20 push ups a day in one form or another.

What else was helping was that on top of my 20 push ups a day, I was also lifting weights and running on the treadmill. So during my workouts I concentrated on movements that would help me strengthen my push up form.

To break it down, to do a proper push up, you need a solid plank. To be able to hold your body in a straight line while holding yourself up on your hands and toes. Your abs & back (core), glutes, and quads all need to be strong enough to support this position. Your shoulders, triceps, and biceps need to be strong enough to support your weight while also controlling you down to the floor and pushing you back up.

In short, you need your entire body to be strong, not just your arms, to do a push up.

(Need Help Setting A Goal? Read This Article On How To do That!)

So now I was lifting with a purpose. I wanted to be stronger to be able to do the 10 perfect push ups.

And oh the soreness!

Lifting weights breaks down your muscles. The breaking down of muscles and them re-growing is how your muscles get stronger. So the more sore I became, the more I knew I needed rest days. The rest days are how you recover and get stronger.

So my workouts were about 3 days a week. With 20 push ups a day. And it felt I was working out less. 

But I was working with a purpose. With a goal in mind.

With the intensity I was putting in. The purpose behind each lift. The drive to get to my goal. All helped me supersize my motivation and it was SO easy to go workout.

By the end of the month, I was doing way more than 10 perfect push ups.

To Stay Motivated To Workout at Home or in the Gym: GIVE yourself a goal!

To help you stay motivated to workout, GIVE yourself a goal. Focus on a positive outcome. Give yourself a purpose. Some excitement. And work with intensity to get there.

Download and Printable

Download this ‘Creating Attainable Goals Worksheet‘ to break down your goal into smaller chunks to make them easier to complete.

Creating Attainable Goals Worksheet
Creating Attainable Goals Worksheet