How Do You Stay Motivated To Workout At Home (Or At The Gym!)

I hear a lot of the time people asking how I stay motivated to workout. How I do it at home so consistently. Some people even say they wouldn’t be able to keep the motivation to workout at home because they can barely summon the motivation to go to a group class workout – when there is peer pressure to show up.

It is not easy to find the motivation every day. Some days I have no motivation to workout. But I have created the environment for myself that makes it easy to just put my shoes on and move.

To help all those with the same questions or looking to refine their motivation techniques, I put together the top things that help me stay motivated. This is part 2 of 3.

How Do You Stay Motivated To Work Out: Do What You Enjoy
How Do You Stay Motivated To Work Out: Do What You Enjoy

How To Stay Motivated To Workout

Part 2: Do What You Enjoy

What you see in magazines and in social media may seem like that is what you need to be doing. Those people making it look like you need to chase a certain aesthetic or do a particular type of workout to get to where you want to go. 

But honestly, if you can’t stick to a consistent routine because you don’t actually enjoy working out, it will never work for you. You will be stuck in this stop and go situation. One step forward, two steps back. You will deal with it for a little while because you are super motivated but then you will stop as soon as something else becomes more appealing or you are more concerned about something else at the time.

To stay motivated, you need to find your thing. You need to do what you truly enjoy doing!

Here are my tips on keeping your workouts fresh and exciting.

How To Stay Motivated: Do What You Enjoy – Find Your Thing

With all the resources so readily available these days, you have the opportunity to find what you enjoy doing more easily. 

Look through Pinterest.

There are countless workouts floating around in Pinterest feeds Everything from HIIT and Crossfit, To swimming and Climbing, Tae Kwon Do and Yoga.

And a lot of these posts, chances are you can do it from home. Unless you need special equipment.. Like a pool. 

Through Pinterest you can find blogs that you can follow to suit your needs. If you keep hitting articles from the same blog through Pinterest chances are you would benefit from following them or signing up for their email list. When I started creating my own workouts, I took inspiration from Pinterest all the time. I kept a journal of what I did and what I felt worked for me. I started seeing a theme in my workouts. And once I started pinpointing what I liked doing I dug deeper into those specific areas.

Other resources are books. There are so many different kinds of fitness books out there to help you discover what you enjoy doing. Find your nearest book store and just browse. Chances are what you want will jump off the shelf at you. (Not literally.)

When I decided I wanted to learn how to do Yoga. I felt like I needed a less intense piece to my routine and even though yoga can be VERY intense I kept it low. I bought a couple Yoga books to help me learn more about the anatomy and more scientific approach to the craft. I found a channel on YouTube: Yoga With Adrienne and started following her religiously. I would get up real early, before my baby, lay out my yoga mat, turn on a video and follow along the best I could. I couldn’t do anything well at first. My downward dog looked more like a train crash. But with time and consistency I was able to start forming a better shape.

And there are more than just Yoga channels on YouTube. You and find numerous workouts and demo videos to follow along with. Search for what you might be interested in and I bet you can find something fun! Use the suggested videos and if you keep hitting the same channel, follow them! Yoga with Adrienne has so many free videos on YouTube, but she also has weekly emails you can sign up to receive, and there is also a paid membership site that give you even MORE! There are tons of people out there willing to give you as much information as you can handle.

If you see something on Pinterest and you are not sure what it is, chances are there is a video on Youtube to show you how to do it. My husband bought me an agility ladder and I used the videos on YouTube to create my own agility ladder workout. Before those videos, I didn’t know many moves other then the heisman.

How To Stay Motivated: Do What You Enjoy – Get That New New

Speaking of the agility ladder. I wanted it because I was getting bored with my cardio routine. I wanted to switch it up with a new piece of equipment that still allowed me to get my heart rate up like running on the treadmill would.

If you get bored with your routine you can always switch things up and still get the same effect. I also bought battle ropes to use with the same intention. I was bored of running on the treadmill so I got my cardio in with the use of battle ropes.

Living in North Western Pennsylvania, in the winter, gets really boring.. So much snow, so much indoor hibernating. 

If you get unmotivated due to boredom you can also switch up your your weights. If you always use a barbell, challenge yourself to only use dumbbells and vice versa. The amount of weight can be the same but the stimulus will be different between the two pieces of equipment. So don’t be surprised if you are sore after doing dumbbell deadlift or jerks when you are used to using a barbell for the same movements.

My most recent switch up is a brute force sandbag. WOW! The difference in stimulus with a sandbag is even more different than the stimulus’ between dumbbells and a barbell. I am in love with my sandbag and it kicks my butt on a regular basis. 

What else keeps me motivated is buying a new outfit! I have pieces that I ONLY wear to workout in, so I know when I put those clothes on it is time to move. I keep separate pieces for only lounging in. The mental aspect of having separate outfits is huge. Next time you need a motivation boost, buy a new outfit and plan to only wear it during your workouts.

So if you are bored and unmotivated, try a new piece of equipment and wear a new outfit. It will get you to want to workout, refresh your routine, and even provide you with a butt kicking workout.

How To Stay Motivated: Do What You Enjoy – Switch It Up

Are You Unmotivated Because You Don’t Know What To Do? Like I was saying before with all the free content on Pinterest and videos on YouTube, there are just as many paid memberships that will provide you with daily workouts so you won’t need to come up with it on your own. You won’t have to get stuck with the “what do I do now?”

Throughout my journey I have been a member of multiple programs. Mostly trying to find ‘my thing.’ 

My journey started with just straight bodybuilding. Lifting for sets and reps of a few movements. It gave me a solid foundation of beginning strength. Learning about mind-muscle connection. Really focusing on the muscles certain movements were suppose to work. 

I followed Dana Linn Bailey (and still do) closely. The way she trains is so impressive.

I joined Nicole Wilkins membership site. For a while I thought I wanted to compete in figure competitions and she is incredible. She is so knowledgable in the field of competing and her membership site is full of all the information you need including her workouts, meal plans, and how to prep. 

Even though I love body building I felt like I needed more. Thats when I found Hannah Eden and her High Intensity Interval Workouts in the form of a membership program. Daily workouts that bring an impressive intensity to each workout. Her workouts are ass kickers and bring an amount of sweat that makes me happy. After learning more about her, I found that she came from a background of CrossFit. Which was new to me at the time.

I started following and learning more about CrossFit and started following the program on the CrossFit Main site. It provides free workouts on a daily basis with rotating rest days. I would switch out Main site workouts with CrossFit Linchpin workouts that I came across on Instagram. Linchpin now has a paid membership with extra details for the workout of the day. From here I decided that CrossFit was for me. A perfect mixture of High Intensity Interval Training and bodybuilding. I also started following CompTrain, a program for individuals that are wanting to compete in the sport that is CrossFit. Not being near ready to compete, I felt that I needed more of basic foundational strength and movement training.

That is when I found Street Parking.

Street Parking is the perfect program for me right now.

They provide daily workouts, so I don’t need to think about it for myself. Accessory workouts to compliment the daily workouts, so I still get to do some body building. And they have a ‘maintenance’ section where they have yoga videos to follow along with for most situations. And the online community they have is incredible. Working out from home can get lonely but there is a whole support system right there built into the membership.

If you are unmotivated because figuring out how to workout on your own is a problem, find a membership, a group, a workout program to keep you going and accountable.

How To Stay Motivated: Do What You Enjoy – Be A Kid

Maybe you are unmotivated to workout because you are thinking of it as work. 

Kids will run and play outside. At a playground. With their friends. For hours! And it is mostly active, working out. Go to a playground and watch how many toddlers have melt downs because they are being told they have to leave – that they have to stop playing which is essentially workout out.

Adults would not cry because someone told them they had to leave the gym or couldn’t go at all.

Be a kid again. Change your mentality on what ‘fun’ is. Fun could be going for a walk with a friend. Or climbing a mountain. Taking a spin class with your bestie and have a friendly competition with who can go faster.

My kid ‘workouts’ with me. He will run around, copy any jumping I am doing. Use his little dumbbells or barbell trying to copy my movements. He swings from a rope and hangs from a bar. He doesn’t think of it as work. To him it is fun! It is playing with mommy and enjoying being active.

Find new motivation by changing your mindset. Be a kid and have fun. Exercise is meant to be fun!

How Do you Stay Motivated To Workout At Home (Or The Gym!)

Part 2: Do What You Enjoy

  1. Find Your Thing. Use the internet to help you find what you like to do. Create your own routines with the movements you enjoy doing. Pinterest, Youtube, Books are all great resources to help you get going
  2. Get That New New. If you start to become unmotivated due to boredom, buy a new piece of equipment or buy a new outfit specifically for working out. These will make you want to get to your next workout as soon as possible.
  3. Switch It Up. Tired of your routine. Find a program to alleviate that. There are plenty of programs out there that will fit you and your routine. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
  4. Be A Kid. Change your mentality and have fun. Working out doesn’t have to feel like a job. Find the Fun in activity and just play!

Next, in ‘How Do you Stay Motivated To Workout At Home (Or The Gym!) Part 3: ‘Give Yourself Something’ I will give you tips to keep you wanting to get back to working out.