I hear a lot of the time people asking how I stay motivated to workout. How I do it at home so consistently. Some people even say they wouldn’t be able to keep the motivation to workout at home because they can barely summon the motivation to go to a group class workout – when there is peer pressure to show up.

It is not easy to find the motivation every day. Some days I have no motivation to workout. But I have created the environment for myself that makes it easy to just put my shoes on and move.

To help all those with the same questions or looking to refine their motivation techniques, I put together the top things that help me stay motivated. This is part 1 of 3.

How Do You Stay Motivated To Workout At Home Or The Gym

How To Stay Motivated To Workout

Part 1: Create A Routine – Make A Plan, Write It Down.

How Do You Stay Motivated To Workout At Home (Or The Gym) Part 1

I love lists.

I create lists for everything. It helps me get out of my own head so I can concentrate better on what needs to be completed. It is part of my process to help me see the whole picture step by step and aids in the reduction of “THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO” anxiety.

Everyday I have specific things that I do. Like on Mondays and Thursdays I do laundry. I have done it for years. It was in response to being able keep up with dirty baby clothes and spit up rags. Mondays and Thursdays just work well for me. 

Even though I have been doing laundry on those days for 5 years now. I still write it down. When I make my to-do lists every week, laundry goes under Mondays and Thursdays. It is part of my routine.

Working out, Exercising, Fitness.. whatever you want to call it, needs to be a part of your routine like that. Make time for it and keep it consistent. Make your plan and write it down. Even if you have been doing the same thing for years.

Creating a routine. Making your plan and writing it down will help you get into the right frame of mind. I do my lists in the morning with my coffee. Usually a week at a time. But sometimes I go day by day. When you have a baby – you just need to roll with it.

How Do You Stay Motivated To Workout At Home Or The Gym
How Do You Stay Motivated To Workout At Home Or The Gym

Writing it down and trying to stick with your plan will be enough motivation to keep you moving for a while. But that motivation will wane, and that is when the consistency of your routine kicks in and you just do it. You do it because that is just how your days flows after a while.

There is something very satisfying about crossing out or making a check mark next to a completed item on a list.

Sometimes my lack of motivation to workout comes from things that I think are important and need done first. It keeps me from fully concentrating on my workout. It is like when you have a term paper due and all of a sudden your bathroom needs to be scrubbed down with a fine comb toothbrush. You will sit there and clean your bathroom because it is consuming your thoughts and keep you from finishing your term paper. Plus the added benefit of procrastinating.

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The Important part is to identify the important tasks and then set a time frame to get it done. If the time frame expires – move on. You will probably need a brake from the task anyway.

So on your list, write down the thing that you think will consume you. That way when it comes time to workout, you will have nothing else to think about.

My Monday usually looks like this:

  • Wake up and make the bed. I always make the bed. If the day completely falls apart and I get nothing else done throughout the day (because life does happen) at least my bed is made. Then I gather and start a load of laundry.
  • Make sure the pets have food and water.
  • Have a cup of coffee and go over my lists.
  • If I am really tired and feel like nothing will get done today, I do not sit to have my coffee. I will stand at the kitchen island until my coffee is gone. Somedays I know if I go sit back down, my motivation to do anything will be destroyed.
  • Make salad for the week. I chop all the veggies for our nightly salads on Monday mornings if I didn’t do it on Sunday.
  • Wipe down the counters and put dishes away.
  • Fold laundry.
  • Put my contacts in, grab my socks, and go workout.

Now that my kid is in Pre-K I only have a small window from waking up to getting in the car to go, to do all my important tasks and workout. The timeframe keeps me motivated and moving all morning to make sure I can get it all done.

Sometimes I don’t get to all of my planned workout. And that is OK! Something is better than nothing. You don’t need to workout for hours. You just need a lot of intensity during that workout.

Once your list making and routine become a HABIT, you can rely one that habit to get you through periods of low motivation. Use that habit to keep propelling you forward. Start with small lists and easier workouts and grow with your new forming habit and discipline that you are creating for yourself.

How Do you Stay Motivated To Workout At Home (Or The Gym!)

Part 1: Create A Routine – Make A Plan, Write It Down.

  1. Make a list for each day. Even if it is the same thing day after day, week after week.
  2. Prioritize the tasks that would make you procrastinate.
  3. Give yourself a time frame for each task. If that time expires, move on. You probably need the brake anyway.
  4. Your routine will become a habit. Then you can rely on that discipline when motivation is low.

Next, in ‘How Do you Stay Motivated To Workout At Home (Or The Gym!) Part 2: Do What You Enjoy’ I will give you tips to keep your workouts fresh and exciting!

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