Do you have goals that you want to achieve? 

Ask yourself: How Bad Do You Want It?

Do you want it bad enough that you will work hard for it? 

Will you sacrifice for it? 

Will you take the steps every day to get closer to it? 

If yes, then Do Something. Take action and get there.

We all have goals or ideas of things we want to achieve. Many people get to live out their dreams, while most people don’t. There are dozens of reasons why people don’t make it to their goals, sometimes the situation is truly out of their control. But what about the other times? Maybe they just didn’t want it bad enough.

 Progress is defined as ‘a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage.’

While actively pursuing goals, every decision made, is a step closer.. or not. Maybe it will take months or years to get there but working towards it everyday is progress. Sometimes it’s is uncomfortable, sometimes it sucks, but if you really want to get to that goal, every step is worth it. 

Motivation is defined as ‘having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.’

Motivation waxes and wanes throughout the journey to get to those goals. It is just part of the process of progress. It doesn’t come easy, and thats when you need to remind yourself ‘How Bad Do I Want It?  What is your ‘Why?’ Falling off the motivation wagon doesn’t mean you can never get back on again. It will always be there waiting for you, you just need to catch it.

Do Something today to get there. Time is going to pass anyway, so make every day count.

Don’t know how to get there? 

Start by writing it down. Then break it up into smaller goals with manageable time frames. 

Want to be a professional Musician?

Start by practicing EVERY day.

Are you practicing hard or just going through the motions? You need to be giving it all you got, all the time.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the things that are hard. Eventually the hard things now, won’t be hard anymore.

Actively seek out gigs, help, and guidance. 

It may seem like your idols have had it easy. That they were always great. But most of the time that is not the case. Social media shows us all the good and easy. But behind that post, was years of hard work, frustration, doubt, and sweat. But your idols never gave up. They kept working through all the discomfort because they knew one day it would pay off. 

There will be obstacles.

There will be moments of questioning and doubt. But if you want it bad enough, if you remember your motivation, your why, those moments will only be moments. Make your dreams happen. Live your life the way you want. Dare to become extraordinary. The obstacles are there to make you better, stronger, and more successful. 

How Bad Do You Want It?

Find your fire and get after your goals!

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