What is intensity?

The dictionary describes Intensity as:
1. “The quality or state of being intense; especially : extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling.”
2. “The magnitude of a quantity (such as force or energy) per unit (as of area, charge, mass, or time).”

To me that means, how much passion are you putting into that project.
How much concentration are you putting in to solve that problem.
How much strength and power are you putting behind your exercises.
How much EFFORT are you putting in that moment in time.

What Intensity Doesn’t Look Like

Low intensity is obviously the opposite. Moving with indifference or carelessness. An easy going walk through your day without any purpose. A beautiful stroll through the park on a warm sunny day. Casually browsing the new release book section at Barnes and Noble.

Low intensity is great for parts of your daily life. But when it comes to your exercise program you should be putting in 100 percent effort.

What Intensity Does Look Like

High Intensity Workout Plan
High Intensity Workout

Do you ever see those people in the college library studying so hard, the room could be on fire and they wouldn’t notice? That is intensity.

Giving 110 percent effort and attention to the task at hand. 
So focused, it is almost like that person has tunnel vision.
Working with a purpose and not stopping until you are satisfied or until the job is completed.

I mention intensity a lot in the home workout program. Intensity is a very important piece of training. Especially when you are trying to get your exercises done in 30 minutes. Continually moving with intensity will fire up your metabolism, burn more calories, create the base for stronger muscles, while increasing your stamina.

Is it hard to keep your intensity high? Yes. But that’s the beauty of it. That is the secret weapon to most successful people.

They are so focused on what they want nothing stops them. Everything they do towards their goal, they do with purpose and intention of getting that goal.

Working with high intensity will get you further quicker. Apply it to your daily chores.. sweeping your kitchen with intensity will mean that you get the job done a lot quicker, more efficiently, and chances are your floors are going to look really clean after you are done. Scrubbing your tub. Not the most fun thing in the world, but if you decide to scrub with intensity it will be sparkling clean before you know it. Walking to your car from the grocery store. Do it with intensity, you will get there quicker, your heart rate will increase a bit which will then help you burn more calories, and that free sample you got to try in the store is now all burnt up. 

High Intensity Workout Plan

Now take the Intensity you have been practicing in your daily life and apply to a 30 minute workout. First of all that 30 minute workout could be completed in a lot less time if you are able to give 110 percent of intensity to it. Don’t fly through the workout and not complete it properly but move with purpose. Move with intention. Go through your full range of motion. Get deep in that squat and stand up with purpose squeezing those glutes real tight at the top. Stay tight and punch those dumbbells overhead to a lockout position when completing overhead presses. Give all your energy into every step while you run. Breathe out hard when you feel like you can’t breathe anymore and keep moving. Make every movement count. 


How Bad Do You Really Want It? Poster For Some Workout Motivation!

Keep in mind that every day in the gym or your workout area will be different. Sometimes your intensity will be off the charts and out of this world. And sometimes, just showing up and putting your shoes on will be everything you got. As long as you are giving at least 100 percent for that day, to your workout, you are still working with intensity.

When those days come that your intensity is slightly shyer then other days, remember your why. Why you want to help yourself become better. Find your motivation. Put it front and center and that intensity will not be far behind. The more motivation you have for something, the easier it will be to give all the intensity into those moments.

High Intensity Workout 

Try this workout with your new found intensity. 
(This is Workout for Day 2 of Do Something: Home Workout Program!)

15 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
10 Jump Squats
5 Push Ups
5 Burpees
10 Mountain Climbers

The beauty of this workout is that it is all you! No dumbbells or gym equipment needed. Just you and your intensity pushing as hard as you can for 15 minutes and burning so many calories. Go for as many round as you can! Write down your results and try it again in a week or two to see if you can beat it.

Want more workouts like this? Check out this High intensity Workout Plan that you can do anywhere! At home, At the Gym, or while Traveling.

Do Something Home Workout Program and Nutritional Guidelines
Do Something Home Workout Program and Nutritional Guidelines