Today was one of those days that ‘I just don’t wanna!’

I had no motivation to workout, I was not in the best of moods, and I could not seem to complete anything on my very large to-do list.

I was frustrated.

The time came for me to exercise and after a lot of debating with myself I decided to just do something.

That something was to go outside and run a mile, (or at least walk in the fresh air for a mile).

Its a beautiful day.

Not only did I actually run that first mile, I matched the best two-mile time I made in the army and ran a third. That was a surprise!

Bonus perks I got to enjoy the sweet aroma of grapes in the air and hatch some Pokemon eggs! Haha!

Everyone has days where its difficult to get started, but if you can tell yourself to just do something, you may find your best self hiding beneath.

Just do something, maybe its that work project you’ve been putting off or the school homework that seems overwhelming right now, take it one step at a time and that little bit of effort may turn into some of your best work!

So I am going to enjoy a few minutes sitting by this creek with this cute girl, and then I am going to crush that to-do list!


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