“Push Harder Than Yesterday If You Want A Different Tomorrow.”

Today I certainly pushed harder. I had Resistance. 14 extra pounds of it.

CAP Weight Vest and WODFitters Knee Sleeves

I have run the same one mile stretch of road around my house many times. Sometimes in the rain and when it was 90 degrees. Most of the time in ideal conditions. Sunny, 70-ish degrees, a slight refreshing wind. Today was definitely an ideal day, we don’t get many around these parts of the Great Lakes. So I made the most of it and went for a run. To make it even more difficult I wore a weight vest. 14 extra pounds strapped to my torso for the remainder of the workout.

I used knee sleeves this run to help support my knees better. This being the first time running on pavement with the extra weight I wanted to be cautious not to blow out or tweak my knees. I love these WODFitters knees sleeves because I get the support that I need but still have the range of motion to do any workout that is on the docket.

The Warm Up

I warmed up my legs, hip flexors, and lower back well with dynamic stretches with out the weight vest. After I felt good I put on the weight vest, did a couple sets of lunges, then walked for a quarter of a mile at a quick pace before I started to run. I always start tracking my runs with my Fitbit. It gives me cues as to how far I have run and the pace at every half mile.

The Workout

1 Mile Run
Rest 5 Minutes
1 Mile Run

Post Run Stretches with CAP Weight Vest and WODFitters Knee Sleeves

I ran down the road a half mile from my house which went better then expected. It actually felt good. The weight vest was secured properly so it didn’t bounce around too much. My knee sleeves felt really good around my knees and helped me feel strong. Then I made a quick turn around and ran back toward my house to finish up the 1 mile. The last half was a little slower then the first but I was happy with it. I only planned on running one mile today but as I was walking around my driveway reflecting on what I just accomplished, I decided go again and try to get the same time as the first mile.

My heart rate came back down a bit during the five minute rest period according to my Fitbit but it was still a little higher then when I started the first mile. I started the second mile off at a good pace then ended up cramping half way through. My second mile pace was about 30 seconds slower then the first mile and I am ok with that. Progress starts somewhere and I got a really good baseline today. A baseline at a fresh start and a baseline at a fatigued start. Both good things to know when trying to get better.

Post Workout Reflection

Next time I wear the weight vest while running outside, I will know that I can actually do it without walking.
I will know to push just a little bit harder than today.

Maybe after a handful of more workouts with 14 pounds in the weight vest, I will add more weight. This CAP Weight vest comes with 20 small one pound bags of sand. So you can add all 20 pounds to the vest. If you have never worn a weight vest before, I would suggest you start slow. I started wearing it in small increments around the house doing the normal every day tasks, like sweeping the kitchen floor.

Wearing CAP Weight Vest While Cleaning.

Other things to add your weight vest to would be any workout you would want some extra resistance. Burpees. Box Jumps. Push ups. Pull up. Air squats. But adding so much weight to the point your form begins to break isn’t good either. So grab a CAP weight vest from Amazon and get to kicking your own butt.

Remember: “Limitations only exist if you let them.”