It’s Sunday, January 1, 2017. Happy New Year!

Start the year off right and go squat!

(That was my thought process.)

I warmed up with some foam rolling and yoga. Then did 10 rounds of

10 push presses with 10 pound dumbbells

10 overhead walking lunges with the dumbbells

10 Box jumps at 18″


Then I got to the gritty stuff…

Back squats with slight pauses at the bottom. 4 sets

Front Squats. 4 sets.

Over head squats with the barbell. For 4 sets. This was also the first time I added a little weight to the bar. And lots of concentration was needed to stay balanced.

So I guess I started the year off with trying to make sure I couldn’t walk. Haha!

Here’s to gritting my teeth when I need to sit on the toilet!