: Having a confident or optimistic position.

It is so easy to get sucked into the negativity and drama that is all over social media.
It is easy to assume the worst.
It is easy to get swept up by the darkness that comes around every once in a while.

Stop taking the easy route.

If there is a negative force, there must also be a positive. MAGNETIZE yourself to the POSITIVE.

The worst is just perception. REACH for the BEST in every situation.

Where there is dark, there first must be light. LOOK for the LIGHT.

Make each situation better by CHOOSING to find the positive, the productive, and the helpful.

What the human mind focuses on and talks about is what we see more of.

Let us stop focusing on things we can’t control, it doesn’t need anymore of our attention. 

Instead, work on the things we can control in a positive way.

Create your own light and spread THAT energy force.

Being positive and showing daily gratitude will always help you and others around you.

Set good intentions, give all the effort you have, and if things don’t go as planned react in a positive and productive way.

The glass is half full!


How To Practice Positivity

Today (And everyday) Focus on staying Positive.

  • Write down 3 things you are thankful for. :Your home, the sunshine, clean water, your family.
  • If you find yourself being negative, reframe the situation right then into a positive light. Take account how each way of thinking made you feel.
  • When you are intentionally happy, do you see it everywhere else?

Are you choosing to be Positive today?