One year ago, today, I made a decision. A decision to change. A decision that ultimately changed my entire life. I made the decision to DO something.

Before this, there were a lot of life changes, a beautiful baby boy as the most amazing change I couldn’t possibly have ever dreamed.

But as any new mom knows it leaves little time for yourself. I was exhausted. Anxious. Overweight. Causing me to become depressed. I didn’t do anything. I wouldn’t leave the house. I only did what I had to to take care of our baby.

For a little over 9 months I did nothing. And finally I had enough. My baby deserved better, Jason deserved better, I deserved better. I needed to get healthier. So I made the decision to walk. I walked on the treadmill after forcing myself off the couch. For only ten minutes. It was hard, but I DID something.

I kept a journal of what I did and how I felt and for the first few weeks I had to force myself, digging deep to find the slightest ounce of motivation. Which soon turned into something I enjoyed doing. My walking turned into running, then added some body weight exercises that turned into lifting weights. My diet slowly improved one meal at a time. I learned to fuel my body instead of just eating. I found very inspirational women on social media to follow and learned from their experiences.

It wasn’t easy, there were many mountains to climb, days I had no motivation, doctor mandated weeks off of training, but I kept as consistent as possible. Pushing through barriers and not setting my expectations too high, just being happy with any amount of progress.

Now, I am doing things I didn’t think we’re possible for me anymore. I train 4 or 5 days a week, eat clean, and drink lots of water. In total I have lost over 80 pounds since giving birth. I have more energy. I am fitter. Happier. Stronger. Healthier, physically and mentally. I can keep up with my toddler who never sits down.

All because I decided to do something.

It’s still not easy.

But anything that’s worth it, is never easy.


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