“You can’t make a temporary change and expect a permanent outcome.”

You may look at your idols and think that they have it easy. That their success was natural and they have always been gifted in their profession.

Some times that is the case, most of the time it is not. What these professionals do have is the commitment and willingness to stay consistent.

They work hard. Each decision they make reflects their passion. Constantly. For a long period of time. It is never an overnight change.

“Consistency is what Transforms Average into Excellence.”

I live next to a creek. The creek has changed since moving here but it has changed over time. It still flows in the same direction. Sometimes the water level is high, sometimes it is low, and it has completely frozen over in the winter months. It has shifted rocks around. it has widened in some spots. It has craved out notches in the banks. It has moved whole trees and built itself little rapids where there was none before.

The same view of the creek. 2014 to 2018.

But it is still moving in the same direction. Still moving with its original purpose. It hasn’t given up on it’s end goal. Even after all this time.

Daily, it doesn’t look like much has changed. But if you look at the progress it has made over months and years, you can see the change.

If you want to be better in your profession, you need to be like the creek. Like your idols you watch on social media. They show you their PR’s, their successes, their wins.

“The road to greatness is not marked by perfection, but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure.”

But what you rarely see is their failures. The work it takes to get to where they are.
Most people don’t want to see that, they don’t want to work. They romanticize the natural gifts because they themselves don’t want to put in the hard work, the consistency that it takes to succeed.

And getting there doesn’t come without sacrifices. Maybe they don’t get to enjoy time out with friends. Those cookies in the office break room. That Game Of Thrones episode the night it comes on. But thats ok. Because where they are going, where you want to be, is greater then all of that.

Start Being Consistent Today

Start with today. Make one change that you know you can do OVER and OVER. For a long period of time. One day you won’t have to make that decision every day because it will just become habit. It will be your life.

When I started my fitness journey. The journey to get healthier for myself and my family. I started with what I knew I could change permanently.

I stopped eating so many processed food. Lowered my sugar and salt intake. Then I just kept adding to that list.
I drink BSN Protein Powder every morning as soon as I get to the kitchen.
I eat scrambled eggs a couple hours later.
I take my vitamins and supplements (Fish Oil) every day.
I make time to exercise at least 4 days a week.
I weigh my food. (I’m bad with portions)
I eat a salad (read about my salads here) with dinner and make a lean protein source and veggies the biggest parts of my meals.
I am consistent about what time I go to bed, even if it means sacrificing some social time.

And there are always things that could be done better.

I could be better with the intensity I give in my workouts.
I could stop eating frozen yogurt before bed.
I could seek out help from other professionals to better myself. Whether it is coaches or doctors.

Everybody has something they need to work on. But you can’t let that stop you. You need to just start. Just DO SOMETHING. Time will pass regardless. Make the best of it. Make one good decision today and consistently stick with it for a long period of time.

You want a permanent change? You need to have permanent consistency. Start small. Work yourself up. Your idols did just that. You can too.