30 Day Cardio Challenge

The Goal is to find consistent movement throughout the 30 days, Acquiring as many points as possible, to have fun with cardio type activities, and to help each other stay motivated and consistent.

You have a chance to earn daily points at your pace, your time, your work, on your schedule.

The more work completed = the more points earned = increased progress in yourself

Starting with the Trial Run. You will have five days to complete an 8 minute cardio workout of your choice as a baseline test to see progress at the end.

Day 1 begins the opportunity to start earning points. You may choose the activity that fits your schedule. Choose one or multiple to perform throughout each day. Make sure you count your reps and/or minutes and record your points on the log to help you keep track. Then submit the weeks score by the following Tuesday from the link in your email.

There will be ‘Bonus Point Days’ throughout the challenge. Something a little extra that you can do at home to increase your points or to make up for days missed.

After Day 30, you will then have 5 days to complete the Final Run. You will perform the same activity you chose for the Trial Run and try to beat your score.

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Trial Run

June 2 - 6

A baseline test of your skills. The goal is to improve this score by the end of the 30 days.
You will have 5 days to complete this test and submit your score before the challenge starts. If you don’t submit your score before day 1 starts, you will not have the opportunity to earn points from besting this score at the end with the Final Run. This deadline is to help you stay motivated and to keep you accountable for the work you do.

The Trial Run:

8 Minute Max Effort of the activity you choose.

How This Works
You will pick one activity from the following list and get as many reps or as far as possible (if you have a way to track distance) in 8 minutes.

Write down your repetitions or distance and then fill out the form to submit your score before Day 1 begins.

30 Day Cardio Challenge

June 7 - July 6

Each day is an opportunity to work hard, get sweaty, and earn points! You can switch up your activities each day or do the same thing that works for you. Every point counts! You will have until the following Tuesday to submit your previous weeks score. (Monday- Sunday)

Example: Rainy day & unable to attend class Create a morning workout of

5 rounds:
1 minute jumping jacks = 2 points

20 speed skaters = 1 point

10 burpee no push up = 1 point

4 points per round x 5 rounds = 20 points Then in the evening

1 minute pepsis with 1 minute rest x 3 rounds = 6 points
Total for the day = 26 points

Example: A gorgeous sunny day.

20 minute brisk walk on lunch break outside = 20 points
Attend evening class = 10 points
Total for the day = 30 points

Example: Busy day - doing what you can
5 burpees - chest to ground sets throughout the day
Able to get 10 sets before bed = 
10 points for the day

Bonus Point Days

A chance to catch up or get ahead on your total points. These Bonus activities will be something a little “extra” to do for an increased point value.

Final Run

July 7 - 11

The test of progress made throughout the 30 Day Cardio Challenge. You will have 5 days after the challenge to perform the same activity you choose for the Trial Run and submit your score with the goal of beating your previous attempt.

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Need A Copy Of The Worksheet

Click on the image to download a PDF of the Points worksheet to help you keep track of all your hard work!