Battle Rope
Battle Rope

My new cardio.

I can’t seem to find the motivation to run on my treadmill much. I like running. I like my treadmill. But there is just something about running outside that is so much more enjoyable. Maybe it’s because I’m not just starring at wall.. and with all the snow and ice outside, well I like my body intact and not broken into pieces from falling on my face.

Enter battle rope!

Holy shit this kicked my ass!!

I’ve never used one before. So before it came to my door I did lots of research and watched enough YouTube videos to feel confident enough in what I was trying to do. Proper form in any exercise is key.

I opened the box, dumped it out of its bag and began to unravel the 40 foot long 1 1/2 inch rope. (There was way more excitement then there should have been over a rope.)

I laid it out. Tethered it to my squat rack and started to practice the different exercises.  I wanted to stay with the basic movements to not get to ahead of myself. (There was much excitement!)

Battle Rope Workout Video.

I chose four exercises and did a tabata workout with them. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for four minutes. For every 4 minute round I did each exercise twice.

In order:
Alternating single arm wave
Rope slams
Outward circles
Side winders

I did a total of four rounds (16 minutes). I rested a minute or two between each round. By the third round my grip strength was tapped out. I kept dropping the rope. And I was sweating!! (Yeah buddy!)

It was the most fun I have had doing cardio since the last time I was able to run outside!

On top of the cardio, the major increase in heart rate, there is also some great strength benefits to using a battle rope too! (Hopefully my grip gets better in the next couple months.)

So here’s to new equipment. Refreshed motivation. And calories burnt!!

Want to Watch a Battle Rope Workout? Read this article.

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