One of my objectives for this year is to workout with more odd objects. One: because it is fun and different. Two: because real life isn’t a perfect barbell. I want to be well rounded, functional. I want to be able to pick up that oversized Amazon box by myself without getting hurt or frustrated.


Odd Object: Battle Rope

Exercising with a battle rope is a great cardio and strength workout.

Last year I bought myself a Battle Rope for a different type of cardio. This one is a 40 foot long rope at a 1.5 inch diameter. I live in a climate where most of the year it is snowing, or at least it seems that way. I end up getting sick of the treadmill. It is so much fun to use the battle rope. I have even used it in other ways, like securly tying it to my Pull up bar and practicing laying to standing rope climbs. I also tied a weight plate to one end and pulled it along the floor from the other end. Both great upper body pulling exercises. Normally I just use the anchor attachment on my squat rack and put in that work!

Odd Object: Sandbag

You can use a sandbag in place of dumbbells and a barbell in almost every workout.

This past Christmas I asked for a Sandbag. A sturdy bag with which I fill with four smaller weighted bags. The bag will hold up to 40 pounds and it is a great starting weight for me. Any exercise you can do with a dumbbell or barbell you can do with a sand bag. Squats and Lunges. Bicep curls and overhead Triceps extensions. Rows and presses. There are numerous exercises you cans do with it.

I needed to get a good workout in, something that jacked up my heart rate but was also a weighted one. All within a small time frame.

During my warm up, I came up with a Max Effort of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, type of workout using both the Battle Rope and the Sandbag.

The Workout

20 seconds of Max Effort Battle Rope
10 seconds of rest/transition
20 seconds of Max Effort Sand Bag Squat Clean Thrusters
2 Minutes Rest

Repeat for 5 Rounds.

How This Works

20 Seconds Max Effort Battle Rope:

The starting position – Hold one end of the rope in each hand, feet hip to shoulder width apart and push your hips back and down into a partial squat. Then pick a movement to do in the time block or mix of the movements to keep moving and the intensity high!

Battle Rope Movements:

There are so many different variations you can do with the Battle Rope. Here are some of my favorites.

Alternating waves

When the time starts alternate slamming each side of the rope down on the ground.

Double Rope Slams

Slam both sided of the rope on the floor at the same time.

Battle Rope Thruster

Holding a rope end in each hand at chest level, squat down, explode back up, throwing your hands (and rope ends) over head and slam the rope back down. Repeat the movement by bringing the rope ends back to chest level and going back down into the squat.

Sideways Slams

In the starting position, bring your arms out to each side and quickly bring your arms back into the middle slamming the rope together before quickly going back out to each side.

Rope Circles

Make big circles with your arms, one arm moving in a clockwise direction while the other moves counter-clockwise.

20 Max Effort Sandbag Squat Clean Thruster:

Standing in front of your Sandbag with feet hip to shoulder, squat down and grab the overhand handles. With your chest up, arms straight and back flat, explode out of the squat bringing with bag with you. Once you are fully extended bring your elbows up and high keeping the bag close to your body and quickly pull yourself back down into a squat and catching the bag on the front of your shoulders. Stand back up out of the squat and punch the bag up over your head until your arms are locked out. Bring the bag bag to your chest then back to the floor to repeat the sequence.

The Sandbag is the ultimate odd object to use for the Squat Clean Thruster. Keep your core nice and tight and back straight throughout the whole movement.

If you don’t want to do the whole Sandbag Squat Clean Thruster you can break it up into it’s different pieces. You can do:

  • Sandbag Power Clean and Press
  • Sandbag Squat Clean
  • Sandbag Thruster
  • Sandbag Squats
  • Sandbag Deadlift

Mix up the movements and find creative ways to use your odd object.

Give 100% Effort

It was hard. I stumbled when I got tired. But I centered myself and got back to it. Being out of breath after the battle rope and right into the squat clean thrusters made it even more difficult to breathe. The 2 minutes of rest at the end of each round was definitely needed, but the true purpose was to be able to get a good recovery in and then perform at another MAX effort for the next round.

It was a really good workout. One that I will do again. Even add some sprints in there when the weather is nice enough I can take the workout outside.

Give it a go for yourself! Push yourself past your limits. And find other fun ways to use a Battle Rope and Sandbag!

Product Review: ZENY 1.5″ Poly Dacron 40ft Battle Rope

The ZENY 1.5″ Poly Dacron 40ft Battle Rope is very well made. As you can see from the video above I am not concerned about being delicate and careful, and this product has really held up its end of the bargain!

There are multiple sizes to choose from so what I would suggest is dig deep and gauge your own fitness level and pick one that will be slightly difficult at first because the goal is to get stronger and have more stamina anyway, right?

Choosing the right length and diameter is important for your own personal success and I chose the right one. When I first started using the ZENY Battle Rope I had a more difficult time moving it than you see here.  I really love how I have been able to grow with it!

If you grab a Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit, you can take your rope anywhere to train. Wrap it around a pole, tree, swing set, anywhere you have the chance to get in a good sweat.


Product Review: SKLZ Super Sandbag – Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag

The SKLZ Super Sandbag is AMAZING. I feel that anyone could easily add a sandbag to their arsenal of workout gear. There is so much you can do with it! Lunge across the floor. Carry it down the road. Squat with it in any position. Bench press that bag! Whatever your creative mind can come up with, you can do!

And because it comes just as the bags itself, you have to fill it on your own with sand, the cost for shipping anywhere is really low!

The individual 10 pound bags are “Super” as well. They each have their own handle so you can also use them individually, like you would dumbbells. Add them all to the big bag to throw around a 40 pound Sandbag, or a few to do a higher rep workout. Either way you have the choice to make your workout the best it can possibly be! Get yourself a SKLZ Super Sandbag today, and start reaping the benefits as soon as it shows up at your door.

If you would like more workouts, checkout my ebook, Do Something: Home Workout Program and Nutritional Guidelines!