What I have learned to be very important in life, is to move the way your body was intended to move.

The human body was made to walk and run, to deadlift and squat, to press and to carry. But over centuries of modernizing and technology we have lost a lot of our primal instincts to do just that.

We sit more than we should, we forget how to squat properly, and our core strength has decrease because of these things.

This excerpt from ‘Becoming A Supple Leopard’ by Dr. Kelly Starrett, really makes you think about your aches and pains and why you need to focus on proper movement;

“Like a light switch that’s designed to last for tens of thousands of on-and-off cycles, our bodies are set up for millions of movement cycles. Millions! But every time you squat, bend over, or walk in a compromised position, you burn through those cycles at an accelerated rate. So by the time you’ve worn a hole in your kneecap, herniated a disc, or torn your labrum, chances are good that you’ve gone through millions of poor movement cycles. In other words, your tissues and joints didn’t just wear out; your body put up with your bad positions and movements for millions of cycles. Everyone is different – genetics, training volume, and other lifestyle factors have a profound impact – but if you learn to move in the way the body is designed to move, you will put less stress on your system, reducing the number of cycles you burn through.”

Page 20 -21: Becoming a Supple Leopard By Dr. Kelly Starrett

In this recent article from USAToday, they highlight how an American manufacturing company whose employees endure hard labor day after day combat the bad movement cycles to help their employees life fuller lives with less pain.

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