Today was eventful! While I was doing the dishes I looked out the widow to see something big, Im talking BIG, in the tree. It was this gorgeous Eagle.

So I ran to get my camera from the other room, hoping it would stay where it was to get a good picture. I had never been this close to an Eagle before.

I walked out on the deck and started snapping away. Shortly, it got tired of me, and flew down the creek.

I kept looking out the window to see if it would come back, and it did! Again I ran to get my camera and because it was still down the creek a little bit I had to go to the edge of the creek to get a better picture.

It again kept its eye on me and flew away again.

We did this for a third time. And as it flew down the creek for the last time I pulled the camera away from my face and just happened to look down at the rocks and there was the cutest little mink staring right back at me.

Living next to this creek has brought all of us so much joy! It’s fun to watch all the wildlife just be wild.