Do you have goals that you can’t seem to complete?

Maybe you have been struggling and don’t know why. It is normal. Everyone goes through it at some point in their journey.

Think about why. It is deep and maybe hard to admit.

Most people don’t make it to their goals because they are afraid. That sounds weird I know. But the truth is there is something that you are afraid of that is keeping you from reaching your goals.

What are you afraid of?

Why don’t you make the decisions that help you get to your goals?

There are many reasons, many fears, many ways that can determine outcomes.

From a nutrition stand point:

You see the cookie – you want the cookie – the cookie keeps you from reaching your goal – why are you afraid to say no to the cookie?

  • Is it a fear of missing out?
  • A fear of feeling left out?
  • Is it a fear of feeling like you won’t ever be able to eat the cookie again if you don’t eat it now?

These are all important to think about next time you look at the cookie. I know I can fear missing out on what that cookie tastes like. 

But you need to remember that feeling, no matter how strong it is in that moment, it will only last a short time.

Shouldn’t you be more afraid of missing out on your goal?
Are you not afraid of staying right where you are?

If there is a medical condition that could be alleviated with proper nutrition, you should be afraid of missing out on feeling better in the long run, not the short run passing feelings of junk food.

The feeling of wanting your goal should outweigh the fear of missing out on the habit you want to change.

Be Bold in the face of the Cookie. Eat the Chicken.

Be Bold in Achieving Goals
Be Bold in Achieving Goals

Don’t let the fear control your eating habits.

If fears outweigh the want/need of a goal, maybe re-evaluate your goal to work on something you know you can be successful at reaching, without any fear holding you back.

Success creates momentum. And the more you build momentum, the less fear can hold on to you, and you can go anywhere.

  • Start by picking one small, maybe it even seems insignificant, thing to do every day.
  • Complete that thing every day for a week.
  • Congratulate yourself. Then do it again.
  • Keep going and feel the confidence build in you!
  • Use that confidence to add to it.
  • Keep going one day, one week at a time and you will make it to your goal.

Don’t let the fear of missing out on something unhealthy keep you from becoming healthy. Because healthy is something you shouldn’t want to miss out on.

Need Some Help With Achieving Goals?

Download this PDF to help you create goals that you can achieve! Make your lists and time lines to help keep you on track.

Remember, these goals are for you. Do something. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be what others are doing. If it works for YOU then it works. Keep going. 

Creating Attainable Goals Worksheet
Creating Attainable Goals Worksheet