“I help people get out of the Circle Of Crap™ and find balance in the 3 Pillars of Wellness.”


A sustainable balance of positive habits with a focused intention of increasing awareness and execution in the 3 Pillars.

The 3 Pillars

Balance between Nutrition, Physical Movement, and Mental Development are the 3 Pillars that allow a person to find Wellness in their life. Using the emotional gauges brought about by combining the pillars helps guide each person to the ultimate goal of Wellness.


Resilience, Intention, Intensity, and Consistency provides the persistent movement and motivation towards the goal of harmony between the 3 Pillars.

Chelsey is a wife and a mom of one rambunctious boy. Needing a desperate change to get healthy after having her son, she turned to exercise and proper nutrition.

With time and dedication Chelsey made an incredible physical and mental transformation. Losing 80 pounds and overcoming anxiety and depression without the use of prescription medications.

Changing her lifestyle has been one of the most beneficial journeys for herself and her family. And she wants to help you live that lifestyle too.

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Everyone deserves to live their best life, lets get up and Do Something!

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