Sometimes you just need to get your thoughts down on paper.
I have a journal I write in often, but not often enough. Partly because I don’t go back through it every day, its just a stream of conscience at the time of writing.

And there are plenty of daily journals out there to buy. Ones that have inspirational messages in them daily which are great to read, but all you need to do is look up “inspirational message” in google or Pinterest and you come across hundreds.

I needed something that fit me. Something that I could keep track of the most important things of my day.. My Macros, how much water I have had to drink, how much weight I benched so I can see if Im actually getting stronger. But I also needed something to see where my mind is at on a daily basis. Happy, sad, or otherwise.

So, I created it. I made it so there was a place to write out, in detail your ultimate goal for the year. But you can’t just have a goal.. you need to have a plan. To help you get to creating that plan you break down your big goal into smaller goals.

Goal Journal and Planner
Goal Journal and Planner

For Example:

Goal – To bench press 225 pounds.

Smaller goals:
1. Bench 2 times a week. One Heavy day, one high volume day.
2. Drink and Eat to support strength and muscle gains.
3. Get enough sleep at night for recovery.
4. Warm up really well, and stretch to cool down every day.
5. Increase the weight by 5 pounds every heavy day, as long as you completed the previous heavy workout.
6. Time Frame – Make it to goal in 12 weeks.

Of course, having a place for your daily To-Do List, Appointments, and other necessary tasks is very important. There is an area where you can keep your day straight with check boxes as well. Because lets be honest, it feels really good to check mark/X out/Cross off all the things you have completed on said To-Do list!

Goal Journal and Planner
Goal Journal and Planner

You can write out the exercises you have done during the day. A place to keep track of how much water you have had to drink. Honestly, I lose track of how much water I’ve had, all the time!

Keeping your mind clearIs also very important to your daily life and health. Writing down how you feel can really help keep you centered. There are days I am all over. And to see where I started at in the morning and where I finished before bed is really helpful in gathering myself so I can make the next day even better!

Goal Journal and Planner
Goal Journal and Planner

It is also good to reflect on the week to help make the next week more productive and positive.

A Goal and Reflection Journal – Not one or the other. Something I will come back to daily and watch my progress. Something that will also keep track of my To-Do Lists as well. An All-In-One Package!!
It’s here and available!

Go Check it out for yourself here.

The best part is, you can download and print out what you need when you need it. And you fill in your own dates so you can use it for years to come.

Download Your Own Goal Journal & Planner!