(Demonstrated By A Toddler)

We all want to “get fit” / “lose weight” / “get stronger”

But we are never going to get there when we don’t stay consistent.

And it’s hard to stay consistent. To continually find the motivation every day to get that workout done. 

Motivation waxes and wanes.  Comes and goes. That is all apart of the journey. 

There have been days, even weeks where I just don’t move. Or my nutrition is complete crap. Part of me is always upset when I hit these periods but they are going to happen, to all of us, at some point. 

Embrace it!

Dive right in. Don’t have any regrets. Then use it as fuel.

Completely rest up and then you can give 200% next time you are back in the gym. Chances are you may even be stronger then before your little hiatus. Or if you start eating everything in sight maybe, just maybe it is your body telling you that you need to adjust something in your nutrition.


Your body is smart. It knows what it needs.

But afterwards, Get Back On Track.

Make those gains.

Find your consistency again.

Here are 6 Tips For Successful Consistent Workouts.

1. Try new Things

There is nothing more motivation then trying something new. Maybe it is a new movement with your dumbbells. Maybe you are taking a new class. (I would love to try a spinning or boxing class!)  It could even be a new outfit you want to wear. A new shirt, bra, or leggings make me feel AMAZING! Try something new when you are feeling a little unmotivated to help you stay consistent.

2. Work With Intensity 

High Intensity Workout Plan
High Intensity Workout

Making sure you are giving it all you got during every workout will help you feel like a bad ass after each workout. Knowing you haven’t been wasting your time just going through the movements and that because of the intensity you are getting that much closer to your goals will keep you motivated to stay consistent. Not to mention the awesome endorphin rush! Remember that feeling of accomplishment the next time you need a motivation boost.

3. Rest As Needed

Taking rest periods is part of the journey. Even during a workout. If you are not planning on going to muscle failure (which is not recommended every day) don’t try to keep up with the person next to you. Try different forms of workouts. Add TABATA’s where you work for 20 seconds and then take 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Or if you are benching heavy, make sure you are taking as much rest as you need between sets.

4. Modify When Appropriate

If you are too sore and too tired, you don’t have to follow your exact plan. Keep your workout routine where you need it to be for YOU. You don’t have to do what the person next to you is doing. You don’t always have to be the best in the room. To stay consistent you need to feel good about what you are doing. Give it all you have for that workout for that day. 100% intensity can change from day to day and that is ok! It is part of the process. Dont beat yourself up because you didn’t PR 5 days in a row.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Lift Heavy

Choose an appropriate dumbbell weight for yourself. You don’t want it to be too easy! Try this 15 Minute Home Workout.

On the days you are feeling INCREDIBLE, Go for it!! Grab the dumbbells you have been weary of. Add the extra 5 pounds to the barbell and see what happens. Making gains is hard and scary but also super motivating. Especially once you realize you are SO CLOSE to your next PR. Give it a try. (Make sure you are always using correct form and have a good spotter before trying anything too crazy).

6. Find Your Fire!

Find Your Fire! Poster. Grab your reminder here!

Find Something That Keeps You Moving.

I have been through many online programs and classes, trying to find ‘My Thing.’ Some people know exactly what they want and when they need it. Some people like bodybuilding while others love getting down with downdog. What ever it may be, find your thing, find your passion to help you keep moving. Find Your Fire!

Because when it comes down to it.. as long as you stay consistently MOVING, in any direction, you will always be making the steps to get you where you want to go. 

Find something that works for you and you will always have the motivation to keep going and moving forward.

Do Something Home Workout Program and Nutritional Guidelines
Do Something Home Workout Program and Nutritional Guidelines

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